Training For Your First Marathon? 3 Ways Your Phone Can Help


People often take up running to get away from the endless barrage of distractions caused by technology. However, new runners quickly discover that having a smartphone handy offers serious advantages. Training for your first marathon is a tremendous feat, and it takes all the help you can get to make it to the finish line. As you create your training plan, consider these three ways carrying your smartphone with you advances your position.

Stay Safe

You may have run through your neighborhood a thousand times, but all it takes is one minor trip to leave you injured. Using mens gym shorts with smartphone pocket additions will allow you to keep your emergency contacts right on your body so that you can call for a ride and avoid making an injury worse by trying to make it home alone. You can also use a flashlight app or allow your partner to track your run from theirs to increase the safety of nighttime running.

Snap Selfies

At first glance, this seems superficial. However, keeping your motivation high is a big part of being able to complete training and your actual marathon. Plan your training sessions to take place in different locations such as alongside the beach or up a mountain trail. Then, pull your phone out of your compression shorts pocket when you get to a scenic view. Create a collage or post your selfies online where you can enjoy getting motivational feedback from your family and friends.

Make It Fun

Making progress in your training also means that you will be spending long hours on your run. For many runners, this is the hardest part of training since your mind will eventually wander to thoughts of pain or boredom. Avoid these pitfalls by using your phone to stay distracted. Simply pull your phone out of your men's gym shorts with smartphone pockets, and turn on your favorite tunes or audiobook. You can also recruit a friend to be your virtual running buddy and connect through Skype or Facetime when you need that extra boost of motivation on your run.

Sure, running is a natural sport that requires little more than some great shorts and a comfortable pair of shoes. Yet, bringing your smartphone along will make your training sessions safer and fun. As you lace up your shoes, make sure your phone is in your pocket, and get ready to watch those mile melt behind you.


15 May 2017

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