Does Your New Career Position Require You To Step Up Your Game? 3 Ways To Evaluate Your Wardrobe For A More Polished Appearance


Your recent move up the career ladder put you in the right position for success. Yet, you are also certain that your current work clothes may no longer fit your new role. In the past, wearing your slacks and dress shirts straight off the rack might have worked, but you want everyone know that you pay stringent attention to every detail. To get the look you want, take a hard and honest look at yourself in the mirror. Then, check for these signs that you need to get your favorite pieces tailored by a place like Custom Men LLC to fit your physique.

Check the Pant Length

One of the easiest things to check is the length of your pants. Tailors refer to the way that the pants hit the shoes and pool at the bottom as the break, and the traditional way to wear trousers is with a half-break. This means that the hem of your pants hits just at the top of your shoe in the front and covers the higher part of your shoe in the back. When your pants have a half-break, you should see a single fold of fabric go across right around your ankles when you are standing. Depending upon your style preferences and stature, your tailor may recommend other types of breaks that can help elongate your legs or give you a trendier look.

Look at the Collar

The collar on your shirt has two main purposes. The first is to frame your face, and the second is to provide the proper placement for a tie. If your collar is too loose or too tight, then neither of these purposes is served. Typically, you will notice a collar that is too tight because it pinches your skin. Yet, a collar that is too loose might be ignored. Your collar should rest lightly on your neck. A collar that leaves a gap all the around your neck needs tailoring.

Assess the Torso

Your dress shirt should also fit your torso properly, and this is one area that tends to be noticed the most. Look for wrinkling around the buttons that suggest that your shirt is too tight. Alternatively, billowing around the waistline is a sure sign that your shirt needs to be taken in. Custom tailoring addresses these issues, and you can take it a step further by asking the tailor to place the top button slightly higher on the shirt so that it elongates your torso.

Now that you earned that coveted position, it's time to dress the part. While a visit to the tailor is an extra step in putting together your wardrobe, the effort is worth it when you can step into the office in style.


23 February 2018

Choosing Better Outfits For Work

As soon as I got promoted, I realized that there were a few things I was going to have to change about my wardrobe. I needed to choose pieces that were less dated and more on-trend, but it was really difficult. I started thinking carefully about what would look nice, and I was lucky enough to have the help of my sister. She walked me through the latest trends, and within no time I was enjoying clothing that I really felt comfortable in. I wanted to create a blog all about choosing better work outfits, so check it out today!