The Different Styles Of Men's Bikini Underwear


Sexy underwear is not just for women. These days, more men are embracing their manhood and putting it on full display in men's bikini underwear. If you are ready to take the plunge into this type of underwear, you may be confused by the different styles of bikini underwear that are available. Here is a brief guide to the most common types of men's bikini underwear. 

String Bikini

When it comes to men's bikini underwear, the differentiating feature between a string bikini cut and a regular cut is the sides. A string bikini typically has only a waistband around the hip or side area. There is fabric in the front and in the back, but there is usually a gap between where the front fabric is connected to the waistband and the back fabric is connected. With a regular cut, there is fabric on the sides that extends partially around the upper thigh area for more coverage. 

Cheeky Bikini

A cheeky bikini cut is essentially the male version of a thong. The cheeky cut means that your cheeks are exposed. Some styles have nothing more than a thin string in the back region, while others have a little bit more fabric. Just like with women's underwear, you can have thicker thongs or thinner ones. Ultimately, you may have to try different options to discover whether a thicker thong or thinner thong is more comfortable and desirable for you. Carefully read the online description or take a look at the pictures to see just how thick the back coverage is. 

Low Rise Bikini

Men's bikini underwear is either high-rise, mid-rise or low-rise. The rise refers to how far up the pubic bone and stomach the underwear extends. Low-rise underwear hits right at the top of the pubic bone. High-rise underwear typically extends to right below the belly button. Mid-rise underwear falls somewhere in between these two. If you are looking for a sexier cut of underwear that shows off more, low-rise may be perfect for you. 

Pouch Enhancing Bikini

The final style of men's bikini underwear is the pouch enhancing style. The pouch on the front of the bikini may be cut so that your pouch, or penis, looks enlarged or enhanced. The pouch may have padding, or it may be cut so that a larger bulge is created. This can enhance your appearance when you are wearing tighter clothing or just showing off for your partner. Think of it as the male version of a push-up or padded bra.  

When it comes to men's bikini underwear, there are many different styles available. Learning about the different styles can help you select the style that most appeals to you.


24 May 2019

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